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The Steering Committee
Letter To The Parish

Dear Members of SS. Peter and Paul Parish,

I am writing to provide an update on the proposal for the renovation of our parochial School and the addition of a multi-purpose building to the School complex.

In February, 2006, I approved the formation of a Steering Committee to make a final recommendation to the Parish Council on how to proceed regarding proposed plans to build a multi-purpose building. The Steering Committee has been diligently at work for the last sixteen months. They have accomplished a great deal of work and I want to bring you up-to-date on their progress. A time-line of their work follows:

February, 2006 - Sister Ethel Marie Biri, Diocesan Chancellor, conducts "Reaching Consensus" workshop for Steering Committee members.

March, 2006 - Steering Committee meets with the Project Hope Committee, the Cosgriff Company, and takes tour of school and old convent.

May, 2006 - Steering Committee meets with project architect and Barry Vollmer, Diocesan Building Coordinator.

June, 2006 - Steering Committee meets to discuss sub-committee's "Suggestions, Findings and Rationale" report.

July, 2006 - Steering Committee authorizes production of concept drawings. Site, building, and floor plan studies are received from the project architect exploring the possibility of building on the north side of the 1920's school building. Changes and revisions are suggested. Revised floor plans are received and presented to the Steering Committee.

August, 2006 - In a letter to the Parish Council, the Steering Committee recommends:
(1) demolition of the old convent building and construction of a multi-purpose building approx. 10,000 sq. feet on this lot and the adjacent duplex lot to the north (provided it can be purchased at a reasonable price). Estimated cost - $1 - $1.2 million;

(2) renovate the 1920's school building (in stages, if necessary). Est. cost--$1.2 million;

(3) the Diocesan Fund Raising Campaign precede our local building fund raising campaign. Provided approval is received from the Bishop's Office, implement recommendations # 1 and # 2 above;

(4) available money on hand be spent to acquire duplex property, demolish old convent, and commence site preparations. Parish fund raising campaign under direction of the Cosgriff Company to commence after Diocesan Campaign is completed and all building plans, including the 1920's school building renovation plans, have been prepared by the parish architect and approved by Bishop's Office. The Committee included the following statement:

"We believe this to be a critical time in the history of our parish. The Church is engaged in a battle of epic proportions with the popular culture for the hearts and minds of our young Catholics. We believe the time is right - if not critical - to stem the tide of decline, to build a facility to appeal to our children's hearts, so that we might positively influence their minds. We also believe and hope that this facility will stimulate pride and participation in our parish life and contribute to bringing our multiple generations of believers to the same altar. With the ongoing battle for our children's hearts and minds and the vitality of our parish life at stake, we humbly submit the recommendations contained herein.”

• August, 2006 continued… The Parish Council unanimously accepts the Steering Committee's recommendations and voted to seek the Bishop's permission to pursue the recommendations of the Steering Committee, beginning with the acquisition of the duplex property. The Pastor accepts the Steering Committee’s recommendations and the Parish Council’s approval of the Recommendations. Revised plans are received and presented to the Steering Committee.

• September, 2006 - Bishop Gaydos approves the acquisition of the duplex property and the removal of the old convent. On-going, informal discussions continue with the City of Boonville regarding future plans.

• October, 2006 - Asbestos survey of the old convent begins. Initial offer for the duplex property is submitted to owner and promptly rejected by the owner.

• November, 2006 - Asbestos Removal Services, Inc. from Jefferson City is hired to take asbestos samples from the old convent for laboratory analysis.

• December, 2006 - Negotiations for the duplex property are re-started.

• January, 2007 - The Parish Council and Pastor, in conjunction with the Diocese, enters into a purchase contract with the duplex owner. The Parish Council approves this action with a unanimous vote. A land survey of the duplex property, adjacent alleys and the 8th Street Right-of-Way Extension begins.

• February, 2007 - Purchase of the duplex property is completed. Project architect begins design changes to the 1920's school building after fact gathering visit. Sample of area gymnasiums visited.

• March, 2007 - Formal meeting held with the City of Boonville regarding set-back requirements, alley improvements and future development plans and requirements. An asbestos survey of the duplex property begins.

• April, 2007 - Additional meeting held with the City of Boonville. Sub-committee studying floor plan changes and additions to the existing school and proposed multi-purpose building completes its recommendations. Old convent and frame building approved for demolition. Meeting with teachers held.

• May, 2007 - Floor plan changes and recommendations accepted by the Steering Committee. Plans in progress for working meeting with project architect.

While it is impossible to list all the activities taking place regarding this project, the Steering Committee is working very hard to build on the foundation laid by the Project Hope Committee to present a viable plan to the Parish for the construction of a new multi-purpose building and renovation of the 1920's school building. We are now at the point to be able to provide regular progress reports to you, the members of our Parish and we will do so.

I also invite you to visit the School's web site at www.mo-river.net/education (and click on SS Peter & Paul). In the near future, this site will feature proposed building plans, committee members and an e-mail link for your comments. We have not yet finalized a timeline for fund raising and anticipated construction, but I'll report this to you when the Parish Council completes the details and the plan is approved by the Diocese. Please keep the Steering Committee in your prayer intentions.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Robert W. Duesdieker, Pastor