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Steering Committee Minutes


May 2, 2007

The Steering Committee was opened with a prayer.

Butch discussed his meeting with Irl Tessendorf and Megan McGuire. The city staff will support our petition to vacate the drive between the convent and the duplex building. The city will also support bringing the multi-purpose building forward about 16 feet. This will allow more handicapped parking in the rear of the building. The city will not oppose us using the 8th St. extension. We agree to cooperate in finding a solution to the Carmichael's parking problem, who live in that area. The city will improve alleys.

Butch felt this was a positive meeting. The items discussed have to be voted on by the appropriate city board before they will take place. The asbestos proposal was approved by the Parish Council. The removal of the asbestos will take place in May.

Barry Vollmer's visit was to view the convent, site for building, etc. He also wanted to review our asbestos removal plans. His visit was positive and very helpful.

No contact with Mr. Greis. The salvage of items will take place after the asbestos is removed. Butch and Father Bob are working on a letter to keep the parishioners informed of the project and progress being made.

There was viewing and discussion of the updated building plans. The committee was agreeable with the changes and thought they were very good plans. The sub-committee's next task will be to mark-up the plans and present to the architect for final concept drawings.
Butch noted that the church's web sit was not up to date. Butch will work with Darlene Kraus on bringing it current.

A discussion followed regarding a time line for the overall project. It is hoped that demolition can be completed by school opening, August, 2007.
Given that the Diocesan Capital Campaign may need additional time to complete, a Parish fund raising campaign may not be practical for Fall/Winter, 2007. The Committee would like to finalize the time line in the next 60 days.

Butch asked the Committee to consider the above for discussion at the next meeting.
The diocese will have to approve our fund raising campaign before we can begin. It was suggested the campaign begin after Christmas and to include tax refund time.

Gretchen Twenter