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History of School

Father Joseph U. Meister purchased a site for the church and school in 1851. The school was 26' x 25' x 12' high and was in operation in 1856. Lay teachers taught the first Catholic School. In 1875, a second story was added to the school and the Ursaline Sisters were the teachers. In 1885, Father Kussmann brought the Sisters of St. Francis of Milwaukee to teach in the school. After 1920, lay teachers taught for a few years. In 1924, the four acre Gantner Home Tract was purchased for $9,500. The school was finished in 1925 at the cost of $80,000.

The Sisters of St. Joseph from Concordia, Kansas, came to teach in the new school and started the first High School with Sister Francis de Soles, principal, and Sister Etta Louise. In 1953, two new rooms were added to the convent. On April 20, 1965, a new addition costing $130,000 was put into use.

-Quote from the yearbook of 1969, Echo.